ShopperPal -- A way to build an online business easily.

Retailers can benefit with this programme too.

Simply refer someone to sign up with ShopperPal, which is FREE, and get ten cents credited into your account.

The person you refer, will be your downline and any sales he/she make, you will get certain percentage out of it.

You may want to introduce your friends who is in the retail line to sign up PalRewards, not only will they benefit from the program.

Introduce someone to list in ShopperPal PalDirectory and earn a 25% commission from the referral.

ShopperPal have teams of Programmers in India, Argentina and Philippines.

Your friends might need to tailor make a software suitable for his business, and find the cost of doing one locally too expensive, do not worry, ShopperPal is able to outsource suitable programmers to complete the job, with only at a fraction of the cost.

Start earning a little money from this business.

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