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The Prince said...

u have been cheated,and looking for others to follow u eh?

Yoong Kheong said...

Hi the prince,

I have benefited from these programmes and that's why I am now sharing with others.

I have received vouchers from these programmes. Also, these few programmes are the ones that don't get you lots of spam unlike some others.

If you have any queries, I'd love to answer them. However, bear in mind that accusations or misrepresentations to the companies may land you into hot soup. Thanks.

Lenaya said...

hi there,

actually i have joined but i am just thinking right whether we need to fill in the tax form , or whatever thing like that


Yoong Kheong said...

The tax form is just for citizens of United States. We need not fill that up :)

Anonymous said...

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Yoong Kheong said...

adam, thanks for spamming...